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Or duncan offstring spacers

Well, be that as it may, the spacers take a while to install. and the pocket change…
just looked awful
I’d like to see one the that royale.
for much better play

wouldn’t that also require it to be a large yoyo, but I like the idea being redesigned.

The whole point off the offstring rims is so you dont need a wide yoyo.


Or should i say Dingoooo XD
(Sorry I had tooo)

This was a bit of a test run to see if I could make a watchable mod video. Since this one turned out nicely, I may film some more involved stuff in the future.


Sweet video Mrcnja!

But this one won’t suck ;). Or at least that’s what I heard

Mrcnja, do you think you could shave down a YoYoJam Classic’s Cap, make it a flattened, widened “V” shape, and add a finger insert? How much would such work cost is it was possible?

I could do that. I’m not sure how thick the caps are on the Classic, but if they weren’t thick enough, the center portion could be replaced with either delrin stock or real lateral caps.

They can be taken out, you have to jam a knife in the gap between the yoyo and cap. How much would such work cost?

Go take a look at YoyoSpirits Mod thread
He already did it yesterday

I know I wanna see who has a better price.

I am not going to play the price game just to undermine my fellow modders. With that said, for my lighter work I generally charge a price that is not far removed from those who come and go, but work for next to nothing. I have also done plenty of mod work for contributing community members at the rate of pay what you want. I don’t do this for the money.

Let’s take a look at the YoYoJam Classic for a moment. In past discussions about modding them people have wondered about what they look like without their caps. Allow me to shed some light on the subject. Under the caps, the body of the yo-yo looks like this:

They use the now standard YYJ solid spin axle, but the hub is pretty beefed up. I bet these yo-yos would take a considerable beating before the hubs took any damage.

This is the profile of the inside of the caps:

The caps are simply press fit into the body without any glue. You can remove them without much damage if you are careful and use a thin enough blade to pry them from the body. However, without a good way to hold them, it could be a dangerous venture. I used one of my lathe arbors to hold the yo-yo half and keep my hands out of harm’s way. Putting them back in place would be done by freezing the cap and warming the body, pressing the parts back together, and allowing them to come back to the same temperature and tighten up.

It feels like roughly one third of the Classic’s weight is in its caps. (Someday I’ll actually own a scale accurate enough for yo-yos.) Those looking to cut into the center of the caps to mod them into lateral caps should know that the center of the caps are about 3mm thick.

You can all thank iYoyo58 for letting me work on his Classic that you see here. More work on this yo-yo is coming soon.

Would it be possible to take the caps of a Surge sand down the rims and put O Rings in and keep it in the 66-68 gram range?

I would just shave down the caps.

Thanks for the pics man! You still have the cap design I sent ya right?

How do you high wall a yoyo?

With a lathe…

This yo-yo has been one of my most stressful mods that I have ever done. With that said, it did turn out very nicely.

My first real roadblock was that I could not get this yo-yo to take dye. I spent a full day trying everything I could, but still could not get any results. As it turns out, in 2011 Rit created a new dye formula and started phasing it in on some colors. I suspect that by now they have moved their entire product line over to the new formula. The new stuff is supposedly way better for dyeing natural fabrics like cotton, but it is horrible for plastics, especially delrin. With some late night research I discovered this fact and also read that iDye Poly works great. Armed with this knowledge, I bought the right dye and had success the next day.

The next problem was that I had no idea how I was going to hold the delrin and make these caps and I only had enough delrin for one attempt, so I had to get it right. A little in the moment ingenuity saved the day and I was able to make these custom delrin lateral caps.


High walling is a pretty simple facing operation on the lathe. You just shave off however much of the face of the yo-yo you want, but it is best to leave the lip between the response and bearing seat alone so you don’t have to adjust the bearing seat.