Mrcnja's Mods

Mrcnja, that’s some good stuff. And well-photographed, too (especially the most recent one).

Drool-worthy, indeed!

That is some great photography. The second is best because the lighting is better.

More light and a better camera has helped the picture quality. Still, it is a pain to capture the texture of white plastic while keeping the picture well lit.

We’ll see. :wink:


great, great job. are they nice and smooth?

Has anybody modded a flying panda? If so pm me i want to take off the rubber rim

A Flying Panda is just a FH2 with rubber rims. If you remove the rubber rims, you have created a FH2 but spent more money for it and wasted some of your time.


I can’t mod it like that, but I can mod it for better offstring play . Smaller gap ;).

It’s no secret, just put in one big and one little spacer and recess it for silicone.

EDIT* Mrcnja, can you get pictures of its guts (take apart) and a picture of the gap. I don’t know what the side is called where you can see the bearing ???.

Looks like most duncan FH yoyos…

Freehand 2

Ok thanks

I have been really busy and stressed out this semester because of my ambitious course load, but I finally created a enough free time to settle down and mod another yo-yo.

This was done on special request by Robbie Graham of Square Wheels. As such, the base yo-yo was a beat up Royale that has some 5a battle scars. Before I even started cutting the rims down, I first had to bend the hubs back into shape. After the rims were cut down some, custom delrin weight rings were created to bring the weight back up and increase the rim weight for a more solid yo-yo.

As with the Werrd yo-yos of similar design, the delrin rings are easily replaceable and serve to protect the aluminum yo-yo underneath. Additionally, I can always redesign the weight rings to change how the yo-yo plays. It’s even fun just to play with the yo-yo without the weight rings. A 58g Royale is much faster than stock.

59mm Diameter
47mm Width
69g (with rings)
58g (without rings)

Expect to see more of this yo-yo soon.

Now that’s a mod! Awesome stuff Mrcnja

I sure hope there are more of those soon. :wink:

Man, you are an amazing modder!

Pretty pretty I wish I had a Yoyo you could do that with but I don’t :frowning:

My lord I just got an idea!
Make some rims that make the yoyo offstring sized

Then use it for 1A ringless
And 4A with rings(and probably a slim bearing)

Sorry, already done by the Yoyofactort Pocket Change

Or duncan offstring spacers

Well, be that as it may, the spacers take a while to install. and the pocket change…
just looked awful
I’d like to see one the that royale.
for much better play

wouldn’t that also require it to be a large yoyo, but I like the idea being redesigned.

The whole point off the offstring rims is so you dont need a wide yoyo.


Or should i say Dingoooo XD
(Sorry I had tooo)