Mrcnja's Mods

If it performs well who cares how much it cost :slight_smile:

But this has aluminum guts and weight rings, too. I imagine there’s a little more work going into these.

I think you’re just gonna have to sell them and change the price based on reviews, performance, sales, etc.

75 to 100 is fair to me depending on playability. Eric Wolff yoyos are very finely tuned woods and go for far more.

I certainly see where you are coming from, but I personally don’t feel that a direct comparison can be made between my yo-yo’s and what TMBR makes. Please don’t take this to be any form of narcissism either. TMBR is making all wooden yo-yos, save for some threaded rod on their take apart designs, that are mostly made out of fairly inexpensive domestic wood. Their designs have three, four, or maybe five essential parts (I haven’t really inspected one before so I don’t claim to know the exact number). Those yo-yos also aren’t finished at all, at most they get a quick rub down with 100 grit sandpaper.

My yo-yos are made from more exotic woods and aluminum. Both the aluminum weight rings and the wood are polished to a nice sheen. There are ten distinct parts in all, six of which I make from raw materials. As far as play is concerned, TMBR is all about old school fixed axle play. I am aiming more towards a yo-yo that compares to today’s modern yo-yos with the beauty that turned wood and aluminum accents provide. TMBR has their niche and I may have mine.

I completely agree. After all, that is the central idea of economics. I’m not trying to make a bunch of money, but I do realize that I put a lot of time and love into each of these yo-yos. Pricing them is tricky because I do everything in house (literally in my basement). I’m not just paying a machine shop to make me a product and then selling it to you with a markup. I have very little that I can directly compare my yo-yos to and I have to be careful to not overvalue my time because of other pressing matters. In short, it’s tricky.

Could you post some more YYJ ring polishing? They look really nice ;).

I got back to my roots with this one, a silicone recessed Hyper Freehand. This is probably my best sticker lip removal and polish work to date.

Nice! Looks great!

Very nice!
Btw, how are things coming with your wood throws? 8)

Great work man!

Regarding the woods earlier in the thread: a comparison to TMBR isn’t apt. I’m loving my TMBR yoyos, but the feel and finish isn’t exactly “premium”, which is why they’re only $30. Both of my TMBRs required sanding with fine sandpaper (I used 340, but you could probably get by with 220 if you had to). The Baldwin had rough patches that required filling (I used super glue, a great pore-filler) and further sanding just to be fully playable.

That’s a totally acceptable trade-off for paying only $30 for an otherwise lovely wooden non-factory throw. But hand-finishing as well as more technical design like the ones in Mrcnja’s photos would certainly put them in the $75-100 range. To be honest, he SHOULD charge more for them in order to recover the work; however, the market probably wouldn’t support much more than that despite their true worth.

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I haven’t done anything yet, but I have ordered some parts for my lathe (extra jaws and arbors) that will allow me to hold the yo-yos differently and should theoretically fix just about all of my quality control issues. Maybe while I’m waiting I’ll play around with delrin some more. I haven’t done that in some time.

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I had some snow days and got to some delrin work. Those following along will remember my last delrin yo-yo:

After playing with the old design for some time, I began to get annoyed by it’s weight distribution that I once thought to be perfect. I wanted a little more stability and longer spin times. Both would be a result of more rim weight. So, I reworked the design to accommodate my SPR system and moved some weight from the hub to the rims.

Notice the differences in the hubs and rims. I moved roughly a couple grams of mass from the hub to the rim on each half. The result is everything I hoped it to be. It is more solid and stable, although it does not feel anywhere near like a rock on a string. It plays similar to what you would expect from a big name yo-yo manufacturer. Oh, and I made two of them…

That’s awesome mrcnja! Will you be selling it or making more? They could be a hit :D.

Mrcnja, that’s some good stuff. And well-photographed, too (especially the most recent one).

Drool-worthy, indeed!

That is some great photography. The second is best because the lighting is better.

More light and a better camera has helped the picture quality. Still, it is a pain to capture the texture of white plastic while keeping the picture well lit.

We’ll see. :wink:


great, great job. are they nice and smooth?

Has anybody modded a flying panda? If so pm me i want to take off the rubber rim