MOYO was awesome!!!

First time going and i had the best time ever with my best friend!!!
I got a punchline while i was there to, awesome yoyo, like it more than my hatrick!

PS. My friend got a shinyoo zen, awesome yoyo to!!!


Yo johnny i think i seen you right after you got your punch line, which is very awesome.

Were you using a axiom?

Johnny, did we meet? I can never remember, too much goes through my brain at this contest, I can never remember it all.

nah i had my wooly marmot out the whole time.

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I saw you, but didn’t talk to you.
was your name Alec? if it was, you tried my hatrick.

PS. i accidentally gave you a thank you :smiley:

Who would want to? :stuck_out_tongue:

No, he isn’t Alec.

Please don’t double post. :wink:

It’s just that i saw him faraway and i was teaching my friend a trick at the time.

I was making a joke about him. Ha.

Shut up Brian…

i am alec and i did try your hatrick.moyo was very fun!