Moyo club questions

Hey everybody,
I was just wanting to ask a few questions about the Moyo club. “How would somebody be able to go to the club meetings?”, “Do they have to be able to do certain tricks or pay a fee to join or do the just go to it?”, and “When and where are the club meetings?”
Thank you in advance.

If you want I can ask Chris and if he says yes I’ll give you his number and you can call him. he’s the guy that runs the thing. Or I can give you Scott’s number too. Or a few others. lol

If it won’t be to much trouble, then could you please send me a PM with the phone number? Thank you if you do, if you don’t, then I understand.

Whats “moyo club”?

It is the MO yo-yo club, which is somewhere in Saint Louis, MO. I believe they hold a MO yo-yo contest every year.