most versatile throw

No I’m not asking “what’s the best yoyo!?”

In my yoyoing journey I find myself finding something to like about almost every throw i’ve owned, the thing is, I also find my style consists of a little bit of everything, so I’m looking for a yoyo that can handle any type of trick fairly well, I’m looking for something that grinds well, right in between floaty and fast, and can handle horizontals. basically, i’m looking for the most versatile yoyo i can find. I’d want to spend about $100, Right now the most appealing three throws for me are the genesis, spin dynamics smooth move, and the monkeyfinger evil yo. also, my favorite throw that i own right now is the yyf yuuksta (which is why i have my eye on the genesis, because it’s basically the same thing but bigger)

I would seriously recommend a rebel yos macrocosm(at only $90) if you can find one. It fits your description perfectly. Or you could get a code1 or a code2

by versatile, do you mean able to do a couple different styles (ie: 1a, 2a, etc)
or versatile as in can play fast, slow, horizontal, etc.

I think you mean the latter

in which case, I would recommend something wide. like a revenger or a stampede. from what I’ve seen, wider yoyos tend to grind really well, and are great for horizontal. as far as how the play normally, I really love my revenger. it plays pretty floaty, grinds great, can get fast if you want it to, and looks phenomenal. I was honestly surprised when I saw that it was almost 67 grams, because it feels a lot lighter than that.



YYJ Kickside.

Why? Because:
1A: Pretty good when it it’s unresponsive enough.
2A: Thick lube it and you’re set.
3A: Same as 1A but you need two of them.
4A: They’re pretty durable and even if they do break, they are cheap and can easily be re[placed.
5A: Add a counter weight and it’s the same with 1A but more complicated.

Overall though the Kickside is such a good through. It’s great for horizontal throw, goes either fast or slow when you want, and it’s cheap but works.

But you don’t want something cheap…

Well… Something that can handle all styles? You can’t really get a 1a Yo-Yo that can handle 4a or 2a…

But I’m going to assume you don’t mean stylistically versatile. For versatility, you want it to be able to do most things, so SPYY Pro or SPYY Supra. They have some INSANE grinding services, and play AMAZINGLY well. the only differences in size. Personally, I prefer the Supra, but the Pro fits your preferences more.

okay sorry if there’s any confusion, I meant a 1a throw that can handle any 1a trick you throw at it.

Anything 1a? Anything with a bearing and a skilled yoyoer. But pretty much any yoyo over $30 can handle that criteria. But I’d recommend either a Genesis or anything One Drop.

i would suggest the Monster by YYF or if your looking for a little bit cheaper get the Super-Wide.

Or Supernova.

I’d say Chief, but that’s out of your price range.

Most C3s are designed to rock at horizontel.

Lyn Fury, Kickside and Protostar all are great inexpensive yoyos that can be used for fun or competition for almost all styles

CLYW Avalanche. It is my favorite throw other than my chief. It’s play is excellent and you can find them used in that price range very easily. You wouldn’t be disappointed if you got one.

Genesis, Code1, or just get a Protostar.