Most unique styles


I just though that I’d ask who you guys think has the most unique style of yo-yoing?

for me it would be

1.jason lee
2.harold owens iii
3.ryan perez(?)

(Alex Fairhurst) #2
  1. Me
  2. Myself
  3. I

…and Zach Gormley


Zach Gormely and/or Gentry


gary li
guy wright
nate sutter
ben conde


Jason Lee, Guy Wright and Steve Brown (even though he’s barely been sighted in competition lately).


Oh yeah totally forgot about zack, oops. he should be in there.


Adam Brewster.


this guy

(Jerrod) #9



Id say Yuuki


Janos Karancz. Period. Most original style I have ever seen. And he’s the rejection BOSS. Anytime I feel uninspired I watch his brainstorm video. Works every time,


Janos is nasty!


Amane Ookubo FTW


Amazing. I really wish I could get my head around 5A.


Definitely Janos Karancz.

He doesn’t really use transition tricks, he just goes from complex trick to complex trick.




Jacob Jensen (Elephark) and Ricardo Marechal have pretty unique styles. And definitely Sid. John Ando had a really unique style when he started doing 1A, but so many people have incorporated that style since, so that’s probably not as much the case anymore.


Sid for sure. That guy’s the bomb.

Janos is also really good, very interesting style of tricks. Ryosuke is similar, but slightly more technical in my opinion.


This guy is so proficient it makes me sick–like literally a little dizzy watching it, just so flowing and perfect.

And to those who mentioned Janos Karancz, thank you because I saw one of his vids a while back and forgot who he was and couldn’t find his vids again. Everyone needs to see them, his picture tricks and slack tricks are spectacumazing. I had to invent a portmanteau word just to describe them.

Personally, I don’t know if Andrew Bergen has the “most unique” style, but I say he’s definitely got style. And he’s entertaining as hell to watch, so my vote might just go for him.

(UmeNagisa) #20

Paul Kerble.
Christopher Chia
And a dew others!
Very unique indeed!