Most laid back yoyo companies

I’d say Recess. How about you?

I would say any company that chooses to sell yo-yos is pretty laid back in general.


I would say the most laid back Company has to be YoYoExpert.

They will let people ask the most rediculous questions on their Forum without even smacking them in the head with the edge of a Skateboard.



They don’t even bother people who spell words like “ridiculous” wrong, either! So laid back!


One Drop Design.
My most excellent friends.
And AntiYo. Hanging with Sonny is a guaranteed good Time


Not really related to the question being asked, but it’s kinda funny because I knew of Kiya from Styleforum and SelfEdge before I knew he had any involvement with Anti Yo.


No doubt you are aware there is a big difference between inadvertently misspelling a word and actually knowing how to spell out a word.
Your: unwillingness, inability, or simple refusal to acknowledge this common occurrence; should not be stimulus to draw any assumptive conclusions. I am not alone…


I just like bothering people, man. It’s what I do! :black_joker:


I notice that typing “rediculous” results in a squiggly red line appearing underneath it, letting me know it is misspelled. There are many reasons one might leave it misspelled: if one’s browser lacks a spell-checking feature, the feature exists but is disabled, or if one simply doesn’t give a crap about correct spelling.

My gut tells me that most people ignore their screens full of squiggly red lines because right-clicking on each word and selecting the correct spelling takes far more effort than is worth to them.

My gut tells me you guys have hit a tangent.

Yes, the dreaded Thread Drift strikes again…!

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Self-quoting for verification. And continued thread drift.

Assumptions get you exactly nowhere

Hold on guys I’ll shoot up a flare!

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I don’t need your help Mommy. Put that gun back in your night drawer.



Crap your right I should have used a pie chart!

That’s Mister mommy to you pencil neck.
And don’t you forget it!

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Well, if we’re tangential, can someone at least give me the d/dx so I know what direction to expect this course to run?