whats the best yoyo company


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I don’t want to vote at all.

There is no “best”.


Turning Point, YYR, NSCo, Sturm Panzer, G2, Deadly Spins are all more attractive to me than most of the list you put up.




Like Studio said, there is no best. It’s all a matter of opinion, and each company brings something new to the table.


despite adding all those companies, I’m still not voting…

I agree there is no best. There are many greats making things that all have value.


Missing S.Kon

(SR) #8

[b]Please, not another one of these threads.

Asking what the best yoyo company is is like asking what the best type of food is.

There is no best. It’s all preference. [/b]

(M.DeV1) #9

Punch you in the head.


The best yo-yo brand or company, would be the brand that makes your favorite yo-yos!

My personal favorites would be Yoyojam, Duncan.

They make my favorite yoyos, therefore, my favorite company.


Couldn’t have said it better.



Oh god, I remember the thread I made, named “what is the BEST yoyo?” that was… Just stupid.
Im not voting. Each brand is good, and there is no “best” brand. Studio also said it good.


i thought you said there is no best

why does your quote say general yo- bestr yoyos in the world


I will not vote either. I have a favorite but that doesn’t make it the best. Hehe! 8)


Sushi. It is not a preference. It is objective fact. Best. Food. Ever.


I object to sushi. If you’re too lazy to cook it, don’t serve it to me!

(seriously, I found it disgusting. Won’t ever touch it again)


wasnt that like yesterday? :slight_smile:

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GAHH just reading that word makes me gag. I can’t eat most seafood either.
OP: The best yoyo company is whatever you like the most. That defines ‘best’.


… I was asking what to get next :stuck_out_tongue: but I remember when I very first started, I was like “what is the #1 BEST yoyo you can get? I dont mean a plastic, I mean a $160+ yoyo! What is THE BEST yoyo?”
That was stupid…


Here’s how it works:

You like it? That’s all that matters. Best. Done. Solved.

I suppose then, since my collection contains yoyos from 54 brands(the 55th brand’s yoyo hasn’t shipped yet), I have 54 bests.

Sorry for not narrowing it down. I got a lot of yoyos. I got a lot that I enjoy, which means a lot that I enjoy to bring to meets and share with others.