favorite yoyo company

looking to get new throws want to know what the population likes best

Oh god, not this again…

Why is this in yoyo reviews?

Well said. There have been so many threads about this. Use the search button, that’ll give you a good idea of what people are thinking. Oh yeah, you’re missing a bunch of companies…

how am i missing companys there are more companys than what is on yye

Are you joking? Of course there are… Yoyoexpert doesn’t carry the world’s stock of yoyo brands…

Yes. And why does it matter what WE think, the only thing that matters for you is whether YOU like a company.

You are missing companies that ARE carried on YYE, G Squared for one and Deadly Spins being another. Two companies that I highly recommend.

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Here’s my suggestion. First, you go to yoyos that are around $70 or above. Basically anything at this price range today is good. Then, you see which yoyo that looks coolest. After that, click add to cart. Repeat.

I personally try to buy a yoyo from every brand before getting two from a brand.

Every current yoyo will perform well. Everything else is all preferences so I’d say to just pick something pretty. Of course going with something that has high trade value is always nice but not a requirement

^^^ yup

And brands these days have throws $100+, and those are going to be really good. Just choose a shape, design, color. Congrats!

Oh, and we can vote for 5 options, might wanna change that…

No Deadly Spins. This list is a joke.

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I recommend the Sasha Metal Hitman or Anti-Yo Fluchs.

Lol, I just realized you were that guy on the live stream chat constantly promoting his youtube…


No one is posting here because the topic has been beaten to death…

Lol Im sure once the Pride comes out Deadly spins will pop up a lot more. It’s just hard to be a favorite company if you only have one yoyo out so far :wink:

Why click on the thread and post in it if it has been beaten to death? Why not just ignore it? Give it a rest.

New yoyo companies are formed all of the time so the old threads may no longer be relevant.

Yes his list of yoyo companies is lacking somewhat, but this is still a good thread to have every so often.


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