favorite yoyo company

Reality check:

In this case, we’re not in the “firestorm” topic of “what is the best yoyo company”. We’re in the “favorite”. Now its just a flat out popularity poll.

I have yoyos from over 50 different brands. The top 3 by numbers are Duncan, YYJ and YYF. Those are followed by One Drop and CLYW. After that, I think I have RecRev and/or Magic YoYo taking top numbers. I do like variety. Different shapes and difference sizes and weight distribution keeps the playing fresh. Many of the brands I only have one of. Some of the brands only have one model.

I don’t really concern myself with a favorite brand. If I had to pick, I’d say YYJ because they make stuff for all 5 styles and most of their stuff agrees with me. The fact that I have multiples of several speaks how I feel about those. There are also many I want to order more of and models I still want to get.

This week however, I’m playing mostly YYF. Why? Because. No good reason. I just feel like it. Last week it was CLYW. I don’t concern myself too much about “brand of the week”, I just let my mood guide my playing decisions.

Again, this is a 'popularity" poll. In the end though, it doesn’t matter what the general poll’s results are, it only matters what YOU like.

There are so many good options, I can’t choose! Each company brings something new to the table. For pure performance, YYR is my pick. But for fun throws, I’d choose Monkeyfinger. Overall, I like One Drop a lot, but CLYW also has some great throws. General Yo makes some of the smoothest yoyos on the market. Plus, all the guys from these companies are exceedingly nice people (well, most of them anyway), so I can’t really judge them in terms of character. For me, this is a tough choice.

I’ve played with a lot of different brands . They are all very good, get what catches your eye and is in your budget .