witch company make the best yoyos?

There is no best yoyo. There is yoyos that fit peoples preferences better however. This thread will not give many of the same answer. I’ll just say it again because most of us already know.



It’s times like this that make me wish that Yoyoexpert had a Like button.

In all seriousness, even if there was a “best yoyo”, that best yoyo would be replaced within a few weeks. And, it all depends on the person.

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Then use the thank button.

how sad would it be if there were ONE best yoyo ?

we’d all be playing with the same one, there would be ONE brand making only ONE yoyo, maybe we’ll all wear the BEST clothes, drive the best car, work the best job, have the best wife.

We’re not perfect, and that’s what make us interesting. same goes for yoyos and pretty much everything else.

Now I might be crazy, and I can here many people just saying “Yeah Jim you are!” But I think this young lad was asking in the range of opinion. Most people and their dog know about what the last couple of posts are saying. In fact it seems like the help section is full of this idea. Any time someone says what’s better. They’re probably just saying. Can someone be an advocate of a certain yo-yo and just try to sell me on why that particular one is awesome. Obviously each opinion is different, and there is no one true opinion, but does that mean that any time someone asks us ours that we should say that it doesn’t matter. I say we simply answer on the basis of preferences, and let our true selves show rather than just shoot down every thread like this that pops up with a simple “there is no correct answer.” Maybe there’s just a plethera of semi right answers.


If there was a best yoyo, no other yoyos would be made anymore.