Most expensive yoyo that's on this site, it the you've heard of?

The most expensive one that I saw on this site was the dazzler. It was like, $650. How about you?

Sorry about the typos in the title. I’m doing this on my phone :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe that’s as high as it gets. Some oxygene have gone for $500+, but I think the dazzler is the only one to sell in surplus of $600.

If you’re asking if anyone’s heard of the dazzler, almost everyone has ::slight_smile:

If you’re asking what’s the most expensive yoyo on this site, it is the Dazzler

I remember hearing about some metal offstring yoyo(forgot the name and company) that sold for $1000(not on YYE)

Dings everywhere. Could also be a lethal weapon.

So what makes the dazzler so much better than the ricochet?

Better weight distribution and specs.

Richochet is organic shaped, has more centerweight, is undersized, and narrow.

Dazzler is H-shape, full sized and a bit wider

But is that worth the extra $450?

To some people. Richochet’s also made in China.


Eh a rounded H maybe… rounded stepped V? Idk.

I mean I don’t think it is, it’s not something I would get if I had the money. I’ve heard people say the Draupnir or other bimetals in the Draupnir price range are better anyways

Um. Are you thinking of a different throw? The dazzler doesn’t have any sort of a step. It’s a very minimalistic V shape with rounded rims. If anything, an “Organic V”.