Most common colors in string.

Hi everyone just wanted to know what are the most common colors when it comes to string.
I know that yellow is up there what about green.

Yellow is the most common, then green and orange.

Green, yellow, baby blue

^ this


I would say yellow, orange, white, and then green.

in my experience:

  1. Yellow
  2. Orange
  3. Pink
  4. Red
  5. Green
  6. Purple

(I played for many years with strings 100% nylon … I think I was the only one in Italy or maybe we were two to use this material … from 3-4 years I switched to poly mostly for reasons of length)

Before bearing yoyos were popular, I believe white is pretty much the only color available.
And since it’s still being used even today, I would say the most common would be white.

I’m not sure … I’ve never used because I see with much difficulty and get dirty very easily

The question wasn’t so much what is the best, but what is the most common.

And in fact the problems I told you I think are those for others, why I do not believe that the white strings are so common

There’s really no contest for most common string color. Neon yellow. I’d say over 50% of players use neon yellow as their main string color.

Next to neon yellow is a mix of other bright colors. Neon green, orange, red, white.

Then the 3rd tier would probably be just colors that most people generally like. Blue, pink, purple. Black and mixed are probably the least common.

For advanced players, neon yellow is the most common. For newer players, it’s the standard cotton white string that comes with the average beginner yoyo.

I’ve been using pink lately. Green and maybe orange are the other common string colors, but yellow still wins in a landslide when it comes to advanced players.

Neon yellow is probably the most common. Personally, I love a nice, retina searing neon orange. The brighter the better.