Most Beginner friendly 2A yoyo?

(UmeNagisa) #1


So, i think after learning all styles of play(besides looping)
i should finally dive into the world of looping.

im wondering what i should start off with?

Obviously loop 1080
loop 360(808 whatever)
Pro Z




There is no obviously.

I would say for looping, drop the ProZ off the list. I don’t have the Bumblebee. The rest? Sure.

If you want to get in for cheap: Loop808’s are fun and surprisingly good. I snatched a pair up at Nationals, I’m actually pleased with them. As far as the rest, it’s a matter of preferences. I have Raiders, Raider EX, Loop720, Loop900, Unleashed and WILL get the Loop 1080’s when I can. Despite this, my preferences are still the Unleashed. 2 drops of thick lube in the bearing too!

Remember, there’s no “Right”, there’s only “what’s most right for you”.

(UmeNagisa) #3

Might get the unleashed!