Morning Project: Hanging Yo-Yo Display Cases

Spent last night building the last of my display cases and this morning measuring and hanging everything up.

Here are a few hasty photos from my phone. A selection of Peaks, TKs, FHZs and General Yo. Might shuffle the cases up a bit still.



Those look amazing! Especially love that swirl hatrick!

That’s a lot of Peaks.

Looks so amazing. I would kill to get my hands in that freehand case.

wow nice collection man,and that is indeed alot of peaks :o

There’s probably another 10 or so not displayed. I just picked the pretty ones.

I think I have four or five raws that I was intending to anodize but never got around to. Some day…

Wow those look really nice.

Or sell?

runs to ATM

withdraws entire bank account


That looks very nice, very professional. Good job!

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Is that the purple peak I see?!?

Yup! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

the real reason why God sent the flood… you see it was all one big accident when he looked into the future and saw Jason’s collection the drool coming from his mouth proceeded to flood the earth.

Drowned in God’s drool… Yuck, I hope this isn’t the way we all go!

Awesome. Did you put the displays together, or were you able to find some already assembled? Would love some tips or a tutorial on how to do this!

I purchased the displays from Aaron Brothers, but custom cut the foam myself. Its late now, but I’ll provide a how to tomorrow.

Where do you purchase your foam at?

The display looks fantastic, Jason. Really nice. And it’s pretty durn cool that I think I see some Freehand Zeros in there that I modified! :slight_smile:

@jrod: I definitely have a few of yours in displays around the house. I think there might be a couple in this particular case. I owe my love of FHZs to you. :stuck_out_tongue:

@johnny: If I remember correctly, I think I purchased my foam from here:

Here’s a few close ups of these particular cases: