More CLYW kendamas confirmed!!!

On Definitely going to buy one.
Your thoughts?

My thoughts: CLYW said it’s a novelty item. Probably plays ok. Would rather spend the $30 on a better kendama.

I think they only said that about the first Kendamas they made. Nothing that I know of has been mentioned about the quality of these.

I have one of the first ones. It plays fine. I’m not picky with kendamas though because I really don’t enjoy them very much. But the CLYW works. Yep.

Hey!! hahaha I asked this question in the page for CLYW! hhahaha its funny that you reblogged my question!

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Guys, this is a collab which involves Mr. Sourmash. If you didn’t know he is one of the most well known kendama painters out there. His clear coat is the stickiest thing on Earth and the paint jobs are clean and incredible. I think CLYW is part of it just cause it’s the BBB color so the rest will be up to Sourmash and Dealwithitsf. This is something that I NEED in my collection, can’t wait! (Sorry if anything sounded rude at all)

I’m probably going to buy one for trade-sies 8)

From the DealWithItSF Instagram:

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