Hey im a pretty good yoyoer (is that a word?) and i was kinda looking in to getting some kenadams ( sorry if i spelled it wrong) what are you thoughts in them?

they are hard to do double or nothings with.

Boing-e-boings are pretty fun though! Lol ;D

Not sure just started looking at them i dont know any names

Sweets attacks are nice.

I wanna get into it what are your thoughts on them

Hate to be “that guy” but personally I don’t really like them. Actually, I have nothing against them, I think they’re pretty fun, but I don’t really like the way they are invading the yoyo scene. It’s weird how they’re being grouped with yoyos. Skill toys are fun, but yoyos have always been so individual that it’s weird to see kendamas everywhere. I hope that once they catch on more and more they start to be seen as a more individual toy.

Anyway, they’re pretty fun and you can catch on quickly. Plus, they aren’t terribly expensive. By all means, purchase one.

Thanks, but i agree i dont like that either i have notice that too and i dont like it

It’s spelled, “kendamas” and yes, yoyoer, at least in this world, is a word. :smiley:

Are the j&j brands good?

I’m thinking of getting one of the CLYW one’s when they’re available to try out.

Clyw has them?!?! When do they come out i want one


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Seriously. CLYW is great guys, but the Y stands for yoyos. Even on their product page in the YYE store, there’s a warning to let you know that you shouldn’t expect anything special.

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