Good lookin huh?

YES! Mine will be here tomorrow! I wasn’t able to snag the BBB though.

So pretty. I can’t imagine spending 80 dollars on a kendama though, they really get beat up, especially in comparison to yoyos.

Wow that is beautiful! Are ther any left?

I think about picking up one of these every time they release, they look great!

When will the next release be?

Probably won’t release the same colorways again. So far they’ve done BBB, Ashberry, 28stories and Mischief. I’ve talked with Matt Rice about it before. He really likes doing the CLYW colorways but I’d say a different one would come next. When? Even he doesn’t know…

I’ve got a Mischief, it’s really cool looking. Afraid to use it sometimes, I don’t want to mess up the paint job :smiley: