Monthly Throw Speculation Thread (SPOILER WARNING)

If you know what it is, walk away. Speculation only.

Tier 3 months are joyous agony as I behave like a kid before Christmas between the 17th and 27th of the month. It drives me crazy. As a means of coping, I like to talk about it. So, for kicks…what could it be? What do you want it to be?


I want it to be whatever YOU want it to be, friend.


I don’t know what I want it to be, though. Tell me what I want it to be.

G2Jake has been sneaking the bimetal he’s working on into multiple photos, but I don’t think that’s ready yet.

CLYW hasn’t been in MT for awhile either, and they mentioned an Akita restock is soon. But those are over the price point, right?

We haven’t heard from OYY yet either, but I don’t think they’re working on a bimetal at the moment.

Freshly Dirty is working on a bimetal, that could be neat!


Pretty sure you’re hoping for something like this:


Holy smokes, I just finished lunch yet this still looks amazingly delicious.

Ok, yes. I now know what I want it to be.


I don’t subscribe to monthly throw, so I don’t know the price points. That said, maybe the sstatement?

Something from a-rt.

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Tier 3 is the like ~$100 one.


Yeah, we pay $100 for something in the $120-$130 range. Last tier 3 was the Grand Master, which was a total surprise because I didn’t know it was a thing yet.


What is everyone talking about in here?


yep yye need to find the man that makes this yoyo

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IMO, this month’s is a hard “meh”. Seems like a “b-grade” (for ano) too.

Exotic Throws, Salamander


I’m undecided, but I’ve only had it for 10 minutes.

Are both halves the same color? I’ve got one side that is much glossier than the other.

Yeah, they seem to match.

Dang, yea mine for sure don’t. It’s subtle but a b-grade.

Fun player, as with all yoyos now days, but I don’t think it fits in the t3 level.

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I feel like I follow YoYo pretty close, sometimes to close. I’ve never heard of Exotic Throws before. I’m with you this should have been a mono-metal Tier 2 release. My last couple of tier 2 release however have been string cutters and I had to give them the denim rub treatment.


This sounds more and more like not a great deal. :man_shrugging:


Added a spoiler warning to the title.

I am honeymooning, but I am not disappointed so far. I think it’s risky for a company to debut in an expensive mystery box, and it being a monometal pushes the envelope a bit more, but I like the throw.

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Its kinda like a smaller YYF ND on steroids if I had to compare it with something more popular. It does move fast. I try to enjoy all my toys as that is their purpose.