MonkeyFinger Vines ApeHangers String Review

So a few weeks ago Ray decided to post that he had some string to review and by luck I happened to be on at the time and quickly volunteered. He said he would get it all out on Tuesday and I received it not the next Saturday but the following one. Not to mention that my mailbox had just been run over so I had the box sitting on a sawhorse.

The string came in the signature black UV protective bag with a few wonderful stickers in an envelope. Their video explaining all of the cool little tricks with the packaging about how the string comes out so easily was really cool.

The string I received was a beautiful bright orange. I was hoping for green or yellow but now that I’ve seen the orange I am rather overjoyed that I got it. It is so bright and was easily visible in super bright as well as low light conditions. The color has stayed with the string during this week of heavy play so I can easily say that they don’t contract much, if any, dirt or grime.

Break In
The break in on these is about 5 minutes, give or take 2 or 3 depending on how aggressively you break strings in. They were playable from the start but once they hit that sweet spot they’re perfect and they stay that way.

They start just a wee bit rough but they are super soft after a little bit. There is no string burn unless you can move as quickly as Flash himself. It’s almost as if butter was made into yoyo strings.

These strings are the perfect thickness for my play style. I would compare them to venom in terms of thickness. I had noticed that my supply of ammo had become a bit too thick for the combos I had been doing and this stuff was perfect.

The weight is what I like. Heavy. These things can be whipped like no other string without being too thick.

Finally, the most special quality of these wonderful strings, the tension. These things take a lot to twist. I rarely had to adjust my tension, and it was almost always after some sort of failed horizontal combo where the yoyo became a tornado. Slacks were a breeze with the combined weight and perfect tension.

Overall these strings are the best I’ve tried and look fantastic. The play is spot on and the tension is as close to perfection as you could ever imagine.i plan on buying a bunch of these from MFD in the near future.


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