MonkeyFinger Rhino tool...


So I love MonkeyFingers items. I picked up a rhino tool and love it so far. I did notice that it’s a little tough to used the bottle opener. So I decided to come up with design that is a little bit different. Let me know what you guys think.


Your design allows for more leverage.

Since the “bottle opener” was never a selling point for me, I see no need for a redesign. I do think their string cutter portion could be a bit better, but I carry a YYF multi-tool and/or Kitty string cutter for that task.


Yea don’t get me wrong I love the design of and I also have a yyf tool but also have a 9 in 1 that I use as well lol.


Exactly. Sometimes there’s just simply a better tool for the job.

What’s nice about your design is that it’s still fairly simply, retains the spirit of the initial tool, but you added that extra metal for more grip and leverage. Rhino TWO.0!


Or the Rhino Twool


Yeah, and they should make it out of harder metal for a better product, even if it costs more. After a few bearings and slight adjustments to a couple of axles and the axle and bearing part of the tool are stripped. Does anyone else have this problem?

The bearing knot removal part and string cutter are priceless though.


I like it!


Hey… I am all for modding>> Modding anything and everything modable; haha.

That is what I do… Mod stuff. Constantly.

And I love to hear any news about anybody being adventurous and Modding stuff to enhance performance.

But that being said, I have a question.

I know there are many products I have never seen. And out here in California, there maybe a different selection of Bottle/type products available than other parts of the Country.(Products possibly exclusive to various locations/dunno?).

Now for my question, Other than Classic Coke Bottles from Mexico and maybe a few beers, what exactly are you opening with a Bottle Opener nowadays?

Most of the bottles out this way are screw tops. But then again, I don’t drink, so maybe a lot of beers and such still have bottle opener tops?

It would be interesting to know what exactly still needs to be popped off as opposed to unscrewed?

I like your mod though, regardless.

Modding is good exercise for the brain.


There’s multiple sodas that come in bottles in MD. Root beer, Fanta orange, coke-a-cola. Also a few others I don’t pay attention too.


Quite a few beers in my area are the pop off type. Some pop/soda bottles as well.


Lots of stuff is bottled over-seas, at least in Vietnam. Sodas, beer, things that not only shouldn’t be bottled, and therefore should not be opened.

At the same point, it’s amazing what I’ve seen people use to open bottles with.


All craft beers still use traditional caps, and that market is exploding. Even “pedestrian” craft beers like Sierra Nevada and Fat Tire, which many, many people have access to, stick with the traditional style…probably mostly because it’s traditional. Screw caps just don’t have the same charm.

These are all I drink as a beer “enthusiast”. I open one a day, maybe two on some days, so I end up using a bottle opener quite a bit still.


Fat Tire available on tap here:

(Shameless plug  8))


Nothing wrong with a good plug hahahahaha


Just get a Gerber Shard , best ~6.00 I have ever spent on a keychain tool…


We get real sundrop (like the very original) from a bottling company in the city where my cottage is. They have regular tops. So do these craft rootbeers we have around, and all the craft beer