Lookin' for the lemon of yoyo's

I want to get an unresponsive 1A yoyo that can take a beating and keep on ticking, something thats gonna look cool with some battle damage, and if it can open beer bottles then I’ve found my winner. anyone know what would be best ? I have a protostar thats a bit chipped up after letting people try to play with it, I mite use that, but i was thinking along the lines of a metal that can develop a sweet scrath/dent pattern over time, still play smooth and like i said it would be ideal if it can open beer bottles.

Dif-e-Yo anything is the classic answer. Don’t know about the opening beer bottles part, but they’re super solid.

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DNA. solidest yyf ever. and plays well

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Elephark is right,it is really solid,especially their recent ones!

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that must be why they would have named one the “tank”, it could be the one. i wouldnt deliberatly beat it to oblivion, I’d just use it like crazy practice tricks that i wouldnt try on a metal first, maybe even let people fool around with it to help it “age” some and I’ve opened beers with some of the weerdest things, maybe i can pop open a cold one with some practice, thanks for the advice guyz

You could want to try the InTernal Turmoil or the Juggernaut.With the weight rings,they are nearly unstoppable

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^ yea the internal termoil looks nice and looks like the nation has it in stock, choices choices :smiley:

I love my protostar, but if you a cheap metal go for the ne Duncan raptor. It has c size bearing and silicone stickers for 40 dollars and it’s metal. Don’t no they exact release but it should be soon!

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Here’s Luke Vader’s legendary Tank of Power:

Trivia: the reason Frank Difeo named it the Tank was actually because of the reputation for durability the Barebones had…but the Tank was no less of a tank. Frank makes sure all of his stuff is super solid, both in play and in construction.

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Try something from dif e yo

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Big brother yoyo (BBY) also seems to make them fairly tough. I’ve got a BBY Bully and it’s very robust.

If you’re after a beater I’d suggest Buy/Sell/Trade. Scuffed up yoyos sometimes go a lot cheaper, and if it’s beaten but vibeless you know it’s a survivor.

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Its done I bought the InTernal Turmoil, in response to arussell19981201 I dont mind spending the money on it, i don’t intend on destroying it like I said before, I want to be able to play it any where no matter what the condition or terrain, I wanna be able to get plasterd at a party and pass this bad girl (yoyos are girls) around, even satisfy the ediot masses with walk the dog, and hopefully I’ll figure out how to pop open a beer with it, I’m sure since its raw aluminum its gonna look sweat with a “vintage look”

and I wish i could see those photos Elephark posted, but I’m on a government CPU :-[ so when i get a chance after work ill go check it out at the library

Big thanks to Elephark and hebooz for pointing me in the right derection and laxdude for eliminateing any chance of buyers remorse lol, and everyone else for dropping there two cents in, soon as i get it in I’ll let yall’ know how I like it. o7

Hope you will like it,I’m always waiting for you to use it to open a beer bottle with the IT!

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YOYO’S ARE GIRLS?!?!?!?!?!

Oh danm.I’m sorry jeffery,willis,bob,bill and ted.

Lol jk. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


I see it now!, Thats what I’m going for! That’s a yoyo with some history right there! I cant wait for it its definitely gonna be my main throw!

The G5. My friend took 1 year just throwing it everywhere, doing 4A with it, walk the dog on concrete, stood on a building and chucked it off, and still works fine with everything stock like it was when he got it. That yoyo makes history I got to tell you.

I’m pretty sure a lot of YYJ hybrids can open beers, not so sure about the beating part though.

Good to see you’ve gotten an IT, I’ve actually played one of those, awesome yoyo.

I’m excited, I’m Gonna get my moneys worth out of the IT, so do you know of a technique to bottle opening with a yoyo? I plan on hooking the edge of the cap against the inner lip and letting the center stub push down on the top edge of the cap… you know what I meen? it seems like its the basic idea behind it.
I just know I shouldnt apply any leverage against the axle by holding the opposite end of the yoyo or its game over for 2 weeks while i wait for a new axle.

If you need a new axle, you can find one at a hardware store. Go in and ask for set screws, then try some until you find the right size.

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