Lookin' for the lemon of yoyo's

^thats a nice tidbit, i might find some for free here at work, didnt even think of that

RAAHHH!!! its here! I got I love it gonna get more of it, its soo clean, soo smooth, and the weight is NICE ughh! i feel like I’m throwin a rim, binds are a bit slippy but ill have to make do since i dont have flowable silicone, maybe when I’ll try to drop in some hat pads, now as for beating this up, I’m starting to have a change of heart, maybe in due time, I guess i’ll just use my proto star for reckless throwing and bottle opening, thanks for turning me to the IT guys I LOVE IT!!

I have not yet tried to open a bottle with a yoyo as I carry a bottle opener on my keychain nowadays. I would imagine using the inner rim is the best idea if you are working with a YYJ wit thinner rims. I’m not that great at opening bottles, I can do it with lighters, butter knives and table edges, but that’s about it.

I’ll try to open a bottle with a yoyo sometime.

Good to hear that you like your IT, my friend had the same problem with binds, after some time the pads were so worn that the yoyo didn’t wind properly anymore, getting some thicker silicone pads in there should do the trick though.

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if you want another beater…get a titanium yoyo, those will take a beating… :wink:

Built for beatin