MonkeyfingeR Forte feedback

(Jeremy Mryoyothrower McKay) #1

So who picked up a Forte, and what did you think of it?


I’m still trying to figure out how to order one in a custom colourway. :wink:


Havent gotten one yet. Looks great but isnt quite wide enough IMO, i understand its supposed to not very wide but just a little wider would have been awesome

Actually looks really fun


love it.


I want one but dont want to spend $185 for it tho :o


Thanks for all the kind words guys. If you are looking for a custom colour way i’ll be announcing it again in about a week. The first batch sold out so quick. We are only do very small numbers they take allot of time. I know that its seems like allot of money but believe it or not it takes between 5-6 hours to produce one throw. A bit less if we do say 3-4 at a time all customs. Next time they go up for sale we are going to put a sliding scale to reflect complexity of what people are ordering.

The 185 reflected full 4 colour, 2-3 different process with ghosting and or tattoo so really top of the line everything.

Thanks all for the continued support!!!


Hey there Monkeyfinger!
On top of the Forte, any more runs of the evil-yo and lesula?


My Forte is on the way, in Chop Top.

I’d like to see another run of the evil-yo, too.


You can special order a colour way for the Lesula but we will not be doing any larger run anytime soon for that return top. As for the Evil-yo we have no plans to run the original but we are kicking around the idea of perhaps running a version 2 of the Evil-yo. Ya never know that elusive 4th monkey might just show up again :slight_smile:


GASP New Evil Yo with more colors?! I’m in! Just say when!


Had no idea you could get custom color fortes! Not really a fan of the default options.

Not a fan of slimline yoyos either but the custom anno thing is great to know for future releases!


It costs $60 more though… Soooo…


I want one so bad :frowning: