Monkey Snot---MonkeyFingr

Hey All,
I just purchased some monkey snot off of YYE, and I’m wondering how people like it. To anyone who has used it, What did you like about it? Is it better than using pads? I’m just curious to see how people likes it before I use it. Thanks :slight_smile:

In a yoyo, I love it. But when I first got my tubes, they all dried up. MFD sent me a replacement saying they’d fixed the problem. But, again, all three tubes tried out after one use.

I’m sure people have had other experiences, but it makes me hesitate when considering buying anything MFD related.

Good to know! Thank you :smiley: Ived MFD buff polish they have, and it’s awesome. Hasn’t dried up, and I believe it’s in the same tubes as the Snot. But Snot and Buff are totally different things. Snot is meant to dry up, so that amens sense. Once again, thanks for the info :smiley:

I thought that MFD changed out the tubes for it so it wouldn’t dry up as easily, though I don’t know if it worked. I have a tube coming in the mail, too, so I’ll see what happens.

Well, this was a couple months ago. Back in like October. So, they may have fixed it. I don’t know, because I haven’t bought any more tubes per my bad experiences.

Here’s what I suggest you do:

Take all the yoyos whose pads you think you’ll need to replace soon, and prep them all for silicone. Then try to silicone a ton of yoyos in one go. That way, even if the stuff left in the tube dries, you’ll still have gotten a lot of yoyos done. And, if it turns out they did fix the drying problem, then you’re in luck!

I got some Snot today. The bottle it comes in was faulty, but I ended up fixing it for now. The smell of this silicone is horrid. Smells kind of like vinegar, my room will smell like this for a day or two forsure. Ill post more when my throws are done drying tomorrow.

The big difference between diy response and pads is that with DIY you can get a recessed groove, I prefer this to pads.

I like the snot as of right now because if my pads were to pop out, or just fall apart. I can have snot around anytime. And it’s customizable which is cool. But I’ll see how it binds tomorrow morning :wink:

As does all silicon. Acetic acid is an ingredient in all of them.

This is true of sili also. Going to the store for a quick fix and waiting 8 hours for drying is often faster than ordering pads. When you have a collection, you can play something else, but we all have that one throw, the daily beater that feels just right.

I cant wait to try that monkey snot, and they have some fly colors! I would try a marbled effect or some other mix of a few colors.

The binds are nice and tight. The old tubes dry very quickly, i had to open the syringes and snip the dried silicone in half (and this was the one i got after sending back the bad one) to get to the sili inside. I hope the new ones are better. Bit once you are patient enough to get to the good wet stuff inside, once dried, it makes a very nice response.

The syringe is now completely black, so I guess it’s a different plastic to help keep from drying. It says “KEEP REFRIGERATED” on it so I guess that’s another way to preserve it longer. Anyway, it binds nicely. I still need practice to get both sides completely even and smooth. Other than the smell, and problems with the syringe, it works great.