This happen to you?

So I was at work today when my Evil-Yo threw its silicone and went from slightly responsive to a dead weight at the end of my Dragon String.

I ran home, pulled out my MonkeySnot and…

I nearly cried.

I am so bummed out.

Its all dried right? IMO Flowable or any other type of silicone at a Auto store is way better,

Totally dried out to the point where it came out in a single, hard cylinder when I tried to pull the plunger out. Sucks so bad…now I can’t play this particular throw till I pick up some better silicone.

Ask YYE (or who you purchased it from) for a refund or store credit, or for a tube of Flowable instead.

Permatex Silicone types are $5 under depending on what you get.

Flowable is around 4 Adhesive is around 5 and I think gasket masker is around 4-5.

It’s been my understanding that the older storage containers for their snot were prone to doing this.

Since then they’ve changed a fair amount of packaging it seems.

I’ll have to check that out! ;D

Have you ever actually used it?

I recently got my first tube of monkey snot. It came in vacuum sealed. You must’ve gotten the old version of snot.

I mean better as in- You can keep it in the garage or in a draw and no drying up (unless its cracked or a other strange reason) it is a little harder to apply, but you can put in a syringe just like Snot.

As far as I know Permatex silicone types seem to be better, there have been a lot of Snot drying up lately.

And Silicone is cheaper, and looks like it has a lot more than Snot.

That’s why I said IMO its not worth getting Snot.

So for the record, you have not compared both side to side? That was probably the old type syringe Monkeryfinger used, notorious for drying out. The newer ones don’t have that problem.

Yeah the new ones were changed
Due to that problem they are now in new tubes and bags when they come to you

Yeah, mine came in a black tube, I’ve had it since January i think, still works fine.

I had a few opened tubes but the majority of the ones here were actually right from an unopened package I had stored away. The tubes that were opened were definitely hard and dried up…these though, never even touched them.

He was talking about me :).

its been a long day :smiley:

Same thing happened with my snot. I contacted MFD, they sent me some replacement tubes, which dried out as well after one session of usage.

We all have those days…

If you ordered from yoyoexpert they might send you the new tubes in replacement. -