Monkey Snot Question


Does anyone else have problems with Monkey Snot drying out extremely quickly? I know that initially there was purported to be a problem/potential defect with the syringes allowing air into them and causing the dryout. I know we are supposed to rotate the tubes at least every two weeks and I know we’re supposed to store them in an airtight ziploc bag. I have purchased Monkey Snot twice, the dryout has happened both times. My second batch I never took out of its initial ziploc bag, I was careful to turn the bag fairly regularly, honestly a couple times a week. When I went to use the stuff last night all three syringes were completely solid and did not work at all. I rarely state that I’m unimpressed and I don’t like to complain, the Monkeyfinger guys are great and their throws are awesome, I’m not asking for/wanting a refund. I ended up just using clear flowable anyway which obviously works great. I am simply curious if anyone else has experienced this problem recently because for me it is definitely a recurring problem with the product.



Happened to me too i emailed yoyoexpert and they said that they will replace it but the cool part is i use the tubes for my clear flowable scilicone.


Happened on my first lot of three syringes, contacted MFD, they sent me three more, and they dried out again. Not buying that ever again.


Cool! Thanks for the responses, guys. Glad to know I’m not alone.


Yeah its sounded like a good product, oh well.


It’s a Great !! product if you are actually lucky enough to get a chance to use it. it flows really nicely & binds much better than any other flowable silicone I have used. Not to mention that it adds a bit to your YoYo’s cosmetics being a shaded silicone.

The lesson I have learned is not to order it until I’m actually ready to use it. I know after being burned twice that whatever is left over will more than likely dry up.


ok…blink…blink…blink…mesmerized by your picture :smiley:


Same here dried out but great for regular silicone


Same here. I ordered a pack, they dried out. I ordered another one, it came dried out. I thinks that’s it great response, it’s just seems to have some problems.


Well, I guess I’ll just chuck my 3 untouched tubes into the trash then. I buy ahead so I have stuff already on hand and available when I need it. I’m not about to be stuck on someone else’s schedule.

Personally, colored flowable does nothing to me. I’m fine with clear.


Oooh can you send me the tubes i can use them for my clear flowable.


Hey guys - it definitely shouldn’t have dried out and to anyone that experienced a problem we are really sorry about that and won’t just leave you hanging…

MonkeyFinger actually stopped production to completely resolve this problem once we had a few reports of it happening even once…

I am checking in with them now to see how to handle it (as their new supply should be ready soon and should not have this problem) - We will be in touch!

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Yay yoyoexpert to the rescue.


I think the issue probably comes from a flat in preparing the product to go into the tubes, and then perhaps the tubes themselves.

I haven’t tossed mine in the trash yet. But I also don’t have any yoyos that need to be siliconed at the moment.


Don’t toss them, please i will take them and pay for the shiping i love the tubes.


Awesome, thanks YoYoExpert!


Hey Everyone, from everyone here at MFD we do apologize for any inconvenience that the Monkey SNOT may have caused. We believe we have solved the issue. We have new tubes, new packaging procedures and new storage methods to prolong your SNOT longer then ever. We have SNOT from almost a year ago that is still 100% we have fully researched the new storage methods. If you purchased our SNOT within the last 2 months contact the store you purchased the product from and we’ll replace your product. We truly believe this is the best response system you can use and stand behind it 100%. With in the next few weeks we will be shipping the new version of Monkey SNOT to your fav online store. A huge thank you to everyone who continues to support us in all our crazy idea’s!! Now get out and THROW!!

MFD Team!