Flowable silicone storage

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Any tips? I’ve gotten it once, and it dried up in the tube. I did not leave the cap off, and I’m pretty sure it was nice and tight. Not sure how it happened.


I generally keep mine in my room at room temp. Now if ur using Monkey Snot keep it in the fridge as suggested. Now also keep in mind the neck of the tube can dry up but the rest could still be fine.

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I have the generic stuff - http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/379/Flowable-Silicone
The problem was indeed it drying up in the neck.
I haven’t used the stuff in so long, the stuff further down also got rather thick and ceased to be flowable. I might get some more, but i want to see if it is possible to keep the neck from drying up.
So the question is, how do I keep the silicone in the neck of the tube from drying up?


Iv heard they are moisture sensitive, so maybe some form of desiccants along with a sealed package l help.
never used them myself, just my 1 cent


Monkey snot doesn’t dry up like Flowable, and it’s what I used.

But a while back I decided I hate the mess I make by pouring silicone and how it only lasts a week or two of heavy play so I just started using pads haha

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I’m a pad person myself. The only reason I want to get flowable is to start making my own pads based on flowable silicone


I honestly just put a screw in the end of the cap. My grandfather does the same and neither of us have had a problem

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This, me too, had one tube for like 2 years still usable.

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Would a thick nail work?


Yes. That’s what I do.


Jam something in there and if you’re still worried, bag it up and chuck it in the fridge