Monkey Snot Flowable Sili


Has anyone used it, is it good?


I love it. It’s very convenient, easy to use, and its cool that it comes in different colors!


Your going to be better off with Flowable Silicone. People have had drying up problems before.


They changed the packaging on the snot not. And it needs to be kept refrigerated as well, I keep it in a small Baggie in the back of my fridge. Have had it for 2 months and it doesn’t show signs of drying.


I’ve also had /ine for about two months and its fine. I like it because it seems to be more durable than flowable, but it dries quicker, as in I’m not done smoothing it out, and it starts thickening. So as long as you’re fast, it will be fine. It’s also still cheaper than pads.


Is it easier to put into the groove because I’m horrible at using flowable from the store the nozzle is to big



Just cut it smaller or use a syringe.


How long does monkey snot last anyway? As long as response pads like snowtires or OD flow groove pads?


It lasts pretty long. I prefer it over pads.