is monkey snot worth it?


hey i just ordered some monkey snot because my shutter response stickers came out and i wanted to know if monkey snot is worth it…im willing to take time into putting a silicone response but i never have done it also is it just as grippy or is it less responsive


It is a little hard to apply, but it is nice and grippy, long lasting, and comes in a bunch of cool colors.
Totally worth it.

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I think you will like it but you might consider asking such questions “before” you purchase. :wink:


would you say it last longer than pads?


There are a wide variety of pads out there, and your silicone technique to figure in.

That said, maybe it would outlast pads?


Yeas it’s so worth it saves you so much money


I prefer the permatex, for the same price you can do 5x as many yoyos


I like it. If your okay with taking the time to do it that way it’s totally worth it.


I really want to like silicone, and I’ve tried every kind I can find (well, every kind but monkey snot) and it just doesn’t hold up for me.

I’m putting it on right, but it either wears to fast or just comes out.

I’m going to pads exclusively now :frowning:

Hopefully, the snot works out well for you though. I’ve heard people like it.


That has happened to me before. You need to scratch the inside of the response area, that will keep the silicone from getting yanked out.
I had a tube of silicone crack and leak, the metal tube just developed a hole for some reason. the monkey snot is better designed for repeated application, in my opinion.


That’s what I’ve heard, but even so, it wore out a lot faster than pads for me :confused:


But don’t leave it alone for too long. Like a real monkey, it will act up😛