Monkeyfinger monkey snot opinions

Is monkey snot like flowable silicone in the way it acts as response.

Yes it acts like flowable silicone.

I like it because it comes in a nice tube that makes it easier to use I think. It also has some nice color choices.

But something I don’t like about it is mine dried up quickly. One of the tubes I never used dried up after about a month. But I think they said they might have fixed that or something.

Monkey snot is silicone. The only difference is that it is not as viscous as regular flowable.

Its just a slightly different formulation with color additives.

It is just colored silicone, different grade. I like it, can’t find much of a difference between that and regular flowable. I would highly recommend siliconing more than one because the tube will dry; or at least that’s my experience.

It is their own formula top to bottom. Not simply flowable with color added.
I think it’s a little more grippy and less sticky than regular flowable.

*they fixed the in tube drying issue in the most recent release.
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When is yye going to restock?

They have all colors in stock now.
Just go storefront > Monkeyfinger > snot
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Ray and Tawd sent me some to test and the original tubes did in fact dry out. The more recent tubes they have sent me have been amazing and not a single one has dried out at all so I do believe the issue has been addressed.

Good to hear! I still have one tube unopened, I’m waiting for some trades to come in to use them on.

For any who have bought this is the price for 3 tubes? Seems to be the case but I’d like to know for sure. Seems like this stuff has to be much easier to apply than the regular flowable tubes (which have dried out for me as well).

Yes, the price is for three tubes of the monkey snot.