Mondial Trick Problem

Hey yall,

i got a problem with the trick Mondial.

I do the Split Bottom Mount, Mach 5 stuff, pop it up (throwhand over non-throwhand) and land.

Now the problem is when i land its not exactly in a Split Bottom Mount.
I got an extra string around my throwhand which shouldnt be like that.
I tried several times and cant see why it does this.

Plz help me :-\

What might be going on is that you are pinching one of the string so when you cross the hands, you get that extra string.

Try focusing on keeping all the fingers curled in in a fist except those two pointers. Dont curl the pointers or anything, just keep em pointed out at all times and try it again.

I think you should find this to be very helpful in landing the trick

Good luck!


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Na doesnt work maybe i gotta be more in detail.

When it comes down to the Split Bottom Mount i got the loop string around my throwhand pointer finger and right next to it there is another string looped around the pointer once that comes directly from the slipknot on my finger.

So theres that one loop string and another string tied around once on the pointer on the right side of the loop string.

Donno if that helps but its hard to explain.

Hope some1 can help :-[

do u mean like in atomic bomb?

Yes exactly

Didnt even notice that i was landing into an Atomic Bomb xD.

So in the Mondial i land like if i do 1 time Atomic Bomb from a Split Bottom Mount so i got 1 string tied around my finger.

But donno how to fix this

Does anyone know?

It’s supposed to be like that.

Why does it say that you gotta land in a Split Bottom Mount then?

And it doesnt look like it has to land like it lands on how i do it.

Watch this:

For that trick u need mondial. And if you look at a front angle and stop you see that he doesnt have an extra string wind around his throwhand pointer like i have like after 1 atomic bomb.

What am i doing wrong  ???