Mondial question

i know there has been about 200 topics made about mondial. but searching through them i couldnt find my answer. sometimes i do land back in a split bottom mount, but i always have an extra wrap around my TH pointer. am i supposed to have this or am i messing the trick up somewhere

I know when I was having trouble with this trick it was because my TH pointer finger was not staying above my non-TH pointer as I brought it back toward me. Not sure if this is your problem specifically but I know it took me some time to sort that one out for myself but things went fine once I sorted that out.

I hope this helps.

you should have an extra wrap. you are doing right! congrats! this is due to the under passes and over passes to get into a mach five. the wrap will go away when you do a popnfresh back to mach 5. if you do the reverse mondial back into mach 5, undo the mach 5 and back to split bottom you will be in a normal, unrolled split bottom. hope this helped :smiley: