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Here’s what I’ve got to offer:

Link to For Sale Post

Here’s what I want:
Any bi-metal or hybrid under 64 grams that’s good for fast and flowy tricks. I’m mainly looking for good rim weight for stability. Would love to try a YYF Hummingbird or similar.

I’m open to any suggestions so feel free to drop a reply!

Buy a rainfly the really cheap

Do you know how it compares to the hummingbird?

Never played humming bird so really can say but I have played start the riot, compares, Akita, compare, igloo compared, yyf singularity compares…its a solid stable beast

Cool, thanks for the suggestion.

Also the ippon and iceberg are both hella good!!! Maybe get one of those as they both have fingerspin hubs like hummingbird

The iceberg looks awesome but its a bit too heavy for me. However, I saw people recommending a faster alternative to it, the C3 VaporWave. It’s on sale for $30 at yoyorewind so I think I’ll try it out!


If you want light, I wouldn’t go with that Singularity. It doesn’t feel that light to me tbh. Not a knock on it—I love mine, still prefer it over the Pragma—but it’s not light.

Off the top of my head, I’d recommend the Ceasefire, Artemis, Empire, Hummingbird, Decoy SS for light bimetal.

The decoy looks really nice, thanks for the suggestions!

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Yeah no doubt! Just be sure to ask if the Decoy’s rings are stainless steel or brass since both versions were released.