Endgame vs Hummingbird

I’m buying a new bimetal and I’ve narrowed down my options to the Endgame or the Hummingbird. I can’t decide which one will be better. Anyone who has tried either yoyo, how well do they play? If you have other yoyo suggestions I’m also open to looking at different options. My budget is $150.


I’ve never tried an Endgame so I can’t help you compare the two. However, I like the Hummingbird so much it’s the only throw I own two of. It plays on the lighter side for a bi-metal which I find refreshing and it looks great. They’re Raytracer is great too. At this point I think I would blindly buy any bi-metal they produce.


Endgame is heavy, Humming is light, just comes down to preference.


Saw in the other thread you decided on the Hummingbird. Enjoy!

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