Looking for a first bimetal

(Conor Neumann) #1

Hi, I’m looking for my first bimetal yoyo to buy, but dont know what to choose, right now im kind of stuck between grasshopper gtx, the edge, or the bind. If you have any other suggestions feel free to let me know. My price range is 70-130$. Also im looking for a yoyo that isnt really to wide and that feels a little light on the string.

(Justin ) #2

I would highly recommend the Hummingbird. It’s an amazing bimetal, as most would say, and it’s not very wide with a light, but powerful feel.


Hummingbird sounds like your yoyo


I don’t see hummingbird in stock at YYE. I agree that it’s a great choice and you can’t go wrong with the hummingbird… however the Grasshopper GTX is an amazing deal for a substantially lower price, too.

(Jacob Waugh) #5

Firrox 7075 and Topyo Raiser are my picks, Humming is also good but costs a lot more retail.

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(Conor Neumann) #6

Have you ever tried the grasshopper gtx, if so does it feel a lot like the hummingbird?

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Grasshopper GTX is the best yoyo I’ve ever thrown, regardless of price. It’s insane - fast, stable, powerful, controllable.

The Hummingbird is excellent. It plays very light and fast if that’s your strong preference.

(ClockMonsterLA) #8

I would look for a Hummingbird first, then failing that maybe try to find a used/mint Mowl Surveillance. Failing those, grab a Top Yo Dominator. It is $70 of pure win.

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(ClockMonsterLA) #9

Is it really better than a Haymaker X though? If so, how so?

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Yes, it very much is better. Haymaker X has a heavy feel on the string for whatever reason, it is kind of a beast.

I’d put the GTX above the Dominator, but it is not better than the Hummingbird. It is, however, substantially cheaper :wink:


Excessively rim weighted yoyos can have a sluggish feel and resist directional changes. Jeffrey Pang mentions this concept in his interview with Brandon Vu. Center weight brings agility and great feel (ask any organic lover) where rim weight brings power and stability. Too far in either direction usually results in undesirable play characteristics.

Imo, the Haymaker X plays similar to the Sigtyr and the Grasshopper GTX would be somewhat akin to the Draupnir (in this comparison). The Haymaker X is powerful and stable, but way too sluggish. The GTX blends power, stability, speed, control and agility. Its subjective string feel is not as good as many more center weighted throws. But, of any throw, it makes me feel the most ‘ahead’ of the yoyo. I can land difficult (for me) tricks with more consistency and see the string clearer because my control is better.


The Gully should most definitely get a mention in this thread. It’s light with rings closer to the center placed inside the bowl. Incredibly agile and stable for the weight. Easily my favorite throw when I’m playing fast. Also the colorways are pretty tight. It’s a bit pricey tho heads up.