Good Bi-metal?

I have been yo-yoing for about a year now and want to get a bi-metal. Currently, I am looking at the Grasshopper GTX but am open to any suggestions. BTW, I want the yoyo to be long spinning, powerful, and stable.


The Grasshopper GTX is a good first choice. I’ve been yoyoing for a year and that is what I got as my first bi-metal. At the next price level is the Banshee SS, Hummingbird and Bi-metal Shutter. All can be hard to find in stock. I have the BansheeSS. The Hummingbird and Bi-Metal Shutter are on my wish list.

There are differences between the three. Check the reviews. Someone with more experience can chime in.


Yeah, I was looking at the Hummingbird but thought it was a little to pricey for a first bi-metal. Thanks for the suggestion!
Yeah, I’ve only watched reviews on the Hummingbird and Bi-Shutter. Personally think I’d like the Hummingbird better but the Bi-Shutter is really good too.


the grasshopper GTX is awesome


Okay, thanks!

Grasshopper gtx was one of the first bimetals I got and after trying several yoyos and trading/selling it STILL holds a place in my collection.
I use it and love it


Thanks so much for the suggestions!

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You got it bud!

yes. this one. i recommend it as well. looks fantastic in orange and plays smooth as butter.



The grasshopper gtx is a great choice, as are banshee ss, hummingbird and bi-shutter. Two others that I really enjoy and should be easily available are Reticulated Return Top’s death adder and 2Sick’s endgame. Both of these have a silky smooth blast and their ano work is top notch. I cannot decide if the banshee, endgame or DA is my bimetal of 2019. I think @Durfee still has a death adder for sale at a bargain basement price.


Alright, so I should get the Grasshopper GTX?

a-RT UnNamed

em… What yoyo is that?

In my view the Grasshopper GTX and the TopYo Dominator represent the best bi-metal bang for your buck right now. For $70-75 you really can’t go wrong with either one.


its hard to find and was never officially given a name but a-RT made a bi-metal


Actually, as I understand it, it was given a name. It is called ■■■■■■■■, aka “Unnamed”.

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Yes. It’s a great throw and a great value. If it’s in your budget and you like the look of it, grab it.

Honestly there are just so many great options now that, after a point, “better” just becomes subjective. You’re not gonna go wrong with it, so barring any personal preferences (you haven’t said anything about what you’ve been throwing or what weight/feel you’re looking for outside of powerful/long-spinning/stable—your standard performance throw checklist) if you like the look of it, go for it.


Yeah sure but I would prefer bi shutter

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If you want a powerful stable Yoyo, maybe look at the edge beyond

@malachigutwein you still looking?