Mods for sale!


Here ya go-

1980’s Duncan Butterfly, Bearing, take apart, siliconed… $30

FH2, silicone recess/highwall, H-spin cut shape inspired, $24 Comes in package

Last of my in-package Duncan Butterflies, already bearing & silicone/take apart. Will let it go for $40

Weight ring’s FH2, not really that good of a job, recessed silicone. $25

1970s Duncan Butterflies, recessed silicone, take apart, bearing, etc… $30

Shipping on all yoyos is $5 each, if you buy more than one, it’s going to be combined (IE: 2 yoyos = only $5 shipping still)
All bearings are STAINLESS STEEL precleaned, I personally think they’re better than the stock Duncan ones

PM me, thanks for viewing =)

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