Here comes the Retro-Fly, by 3yo3

Hey all, I’ve got something very unique for ya, just around the corner.

In 2 or 3 weeks, I’ll be selling 10, one-time-offer 1970’s Duncan Butterflies that are converted to take apart, ball bearing, using a FHZ beairng, and thin FHZ spacers. They’ll also be beefed up with removable o-ring weights under the caps, so they’ll weigh in at a playable 65 or so grams. The response will be recessed red RTV silicone, for that smooth play we all love.

Ready for the best part of all?

They’re all MINT IN PACKAGE! All 10 were meticulously removed from the package, so they can be re-inserted as soon as the “operation” is performed! They’ll come even wrapped with the original, unused string to go along with the nostalgic feel!

So how much? I’m pricing them at $60 each, plus $5 shipping. Mind you, this is for a BRAND NEW, professionally modded 1970s Duncan, that’s actually a great player, as well as an awesome shelf piece. Here are some pictures to go along with the text- enjoy!

Packaging card, welcome to the 70s! AHH GROOVY !!

halves and caps, prior to being mod-o-fied.

A bit too epensive for me right now.