A Request for a Duncan ButterFly Mod

As the subject states, I am looking for a modification for a Duncan Butterfly. I think this has been done before. I cannot do it.

1: Budget. I have budget, but I will need to know estimated real costs. I may be way off. This will INCLUDE the yoyo and sales tax if applicable. I can supply these if need be. I pay shipping. I may want more than one done.
2: Timeline: Prior to March 2014.

What I want:

A modernized Duncan Butterfly. Yes, I know, the Butterfly XT. I have reasons.

1: Must appear stock as much as possible. No re-shaping.
2: Increase in weight to something the modder feels is better suited.
3: Unscrewable design based on an A-bearing. I will supply A-Sized CenterTracs if need be.
4: Silicone recess made.

The use of metal spacers is completely acceptable and if your design requires a Duncan spacer kit, it will be sent. I will most likely be using epoxy to secure in the set I choose to use. Use of an SPR kit is also acceptable but I want to use flowable silicone for a response.

I am of course looking for a full-on unresponsive presentation of the Butterfly.

Some vibe is OK. I’m looking for FUNCTIONAL, and playable. I’m not expecting “smooth as glass” type performance.

In the end, it must look stock. Stock caps, no re-shaping.

I know I could blow money on something else. Let’s just say I have my reasons and leave it at that. It’s worth money to me. I won’t be reselling these.

PM me with prices. I’m willing to do a full set of colors for the Butterfly project. I would like to get started by New Years time frame. I am expecting a check from which I will obtain the items.

I’m also open to suggestions. Stock in appearance, take-apart design, A bearing, silicone recess and unresponsive play.

Talk to Landon Balk.