Duncan Butterfly Problems

I’m trying to get into yoyo-ing a little bit, and I’ve been using my old Duncan Butterfly, but I’ve noticed that there’s a very slight crack around the axel hole in the removable half, and that after two or three basic throws, the half slips farther and farther off of the axel, making the yoyo not want to return. How can I fix this? Should I just get another one?

I’ll tell you if no one else will. First there is no removable half in a stock butterfly, its not supposed to come apart. Your’s is broken time to buy another. I would also tell you to buy at least a FreeHand or FreeHandZero they don’t cost too much and you’ll have more fun than a stock Butterfly. Just my two cents.


Alright! Thank ya! I considered that it may just be broken, but wasn’t sure.

Sorry man. Tou can do some cool stuff with a butterfly, but not much with a broken one.

Free hands are food on a bufferfly XT.
The XT makes a big difference. There is a bearing and it’s meant to come apart.

Wait! I had a butterfly that came apart too! All you have to do is take it apart fully and glue it back together. I have had mine for 5 years and about a year ago it did exactly what you described.


Well that is true.
You can also replace the axle with a wooden one if you want.
Just don’t use elmers glue like I did. You need something stronger :smiley:

Yes you can fix it by simply gluing but a new butterfly is so cheep ( around $5 or less) at Walmart or Toys-R-Us. You can also explore the offerings at this site. There are many inexpensive options for you to experiment with.

Nothing against you but in general I really dislike when people say stuff like this and yeah, I’ve said it before too. People wonder why they are strapped for cash when they are always like “oh it’s only a few dollars.” There is this crazy concept called addition where all of those “cheap” purchases end up costing a ton! Sorry for the random rant.

I would personally look for an upgrade if you are going to buy anything else. Even a simple responsive ball bearing yoyo would do (recommend looking for a yoyojam or yyf). And that is just my 2 cents (that I’m going to take back and save for later :wink: ).

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So you don’t like the advice to buy a new butterfly for $5.00… but your advice is to upgrade to a ball bearing yoyo that will certainly cost more than the $5.00 butterfly? :-\

To the OP, I also would suggest getting a new yoyo or even upgrading the one you had to a newer model.

You are right. Only 70 cents a day, the price of a cup of coffee, only $2 a month or for just $3 to $5. All of a sudden you have lost a paycheck.

I don’t want to put words into Whothman’s mouth, but I think he might be referring to the value of the investment.

$6 for a Butterfly XT is a lot better than $5 for a plain butterfly.

Also, I found XTs for $4 at Target once, so there’s that.
The real cost will come in when he gets hook and wants to go unresponsive :smiley:

There is no point in buying the same yoyo, however if they are upgrading in order to further themselves, yeah! Of course. There is no reason to buy the same thing when there is a cheap fix. But if they want to buy something that will allow them to upgrade their ability that is otherwise very difficult or impossible, then it’s completely worth it.

^I second this.

See if you can fix the one you have, and also try something more modern.

All nonsense…just get one of these https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15kbeI81_MQ
and you will find the fun never stops


Some of those kids are pretty good with that.

Those can be a fairly cool toy really. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGNoj6WVM_k

they can get downright cold if you dip them!