Duncan Butterfly


Does this come apart?


Depends on the version.




The Duncan Butterfly is a fixed axle yoyo that is not a take-apart design. By taking it apart, you’ll effectively destroy it.

The Butterfly XT is a ball bearing yoyo and it is a take-apart design. The stock C bearing is heavily lubed, but if you clean the bearing it will go unresponsive.I find as an unresponsive yoyo, the weight is way too light.


just pull really hard, you can put it back together using glue


you have to pull while twisting, you have to do it really hard, then take a hammer to the other side


Some older versions come apart.


You can take it apart once, maybe twice, without ruining it. You pull it apart, you don’t twist. Twisting it apart will ruin it.


The short answer is no.


I did it with twisting and it was able to be put back together


I would go out and get a real yo tat u can do more then 3 trick on


Fixed axles are still yoyos, I’ve done Budha’s revenge on an old Butterfly (old ones work better than the new ones). Also, I’ll be blunt hear, your grammar makes your posts close to unreadable.


Let me correct vapor’s post: I would go out and get a yoyo that you can do more than 3 tricks on.
I thought abby’s run-ons were ify for awhile (i practically have grammar ocd)
Also, fixed axles are amazingly fun in my opinion. Butterflys are fun too! I’ve heard of something called 'butterfly war’s that all of the big name players do at competitions. They get one butterfly, pass it around and play horse! Sounds fun to me.
Always remember where this started :wink:


Both of you should stop being so hypocritical. It’s unbecoming of you and unwelcoming to young players.



most people ca do more than3