modmans10 Annihilator string review.

ok so i got these in a trade from modman10 and i didnt have high expectations. to me it was just some more string. after i played them for a while i really liked them and had figured they were partially rayon. i messaged him and he said they were nylon not rayon. they play really nice. they would be better if they were a little bit thinner for slack and less responsiveness. i find if i come out of a green triangle i have to be careful or it will shoot back. that rarely happens with thinner string like kitty. they run along your hands really great and even with sticky or sweaty hands you can do fast tricks with little resistance. they hold up great. ive played with one string for all day on my got to throws and it looks almost new. right now i rate it 8.5 out of 10. if he would make them slightly thinner it would be 9.5 out of 10.

Dude, I agreed with eveythingyou said, I actually rated them 8.5 myself too whenI firs got themlike a week ago… They are a bit thick so they are justslightly responsive… One extra thing ilike about them isthatthey are thesofteststrings I have everplayed, never gotten string burnwith them, even when doing multiple eli hopsor asian pops… One thing i dont like aout them though besides the thickness is thetension,iperaonally dont hink theyhold tension well, especially when they are new, gets a bit betterafter use but still.

i thought the tension was okay. i dont think much about that. usually just the playability

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