ModMan10's Unknown String!

Hey, YoyoJordan here! I’m here to review ModMan10’s Unknown String.

The Story:
On May 18th 2013, I attended the General-Yo meeting in Corona, California. It was such a great time. Placed 2nd at the contest there (finals were blindfolded LOL). ModMan10 came a little late, but that’s cool. Right then, he came up to me and asked to me to out his string. And…

First Impressions:
Well, ModMan10 uses pretty long string. I tried many of his yoyos and strings were full length. Since it’s his string, it’s very long uncut. So, it took 2 slipknots to make it the right length. First thing that strook me, though, was the super bright neon yellow. No, I know what you’re thinking. Its just neon string that stands out. Noo. Noo. NOOOO. It was blinding. It was soo easy to see the string, I feel that alone sold me.

Wow. I’ve tried many specialty string brands, some I’ve fallen in love with, some not so much. Well, this is the prior. It just has this bouce to it and just is undescribable. It’s soft, but just enough roughness to keep it in that sweet spot. I have a relatively fast play style, this didn’t burn or hurt me at all. It felt like silk slipping through my fingers. It keeps string tension phenomally. Didn’t have to worry about tension getting in the way of my slacks and whips. It keeps its striking color well as far as I can tell. Most strings frail a tiny bit after its first day on.


Order in the court. We have found the victim… legit. Lol never mind. Just an amazing string. I’ve tried to find something I didn’t like about it, nada. Nothing. The prices are pretty good considering other specialty brands: $3 for 10 strings.

Questions? Something I missed? Please ask me!

I am speechless, great way to end the night, thanks a million!

You and your string deserve more recognition.

Lol when I say speechless, I immediately redirected my attention to your profile picture. Was perfect pause…

Lol, I just finished up a order for James.

I’ve been meaning to do a review on your strings as well… Should be up in a week or so. I really like the annihilators, they’d be perfect if they whipped a little faster and held tension better. It’s great besides that though!

Every thing you said in the review, and right in these quotes, is true. His strings are BEAST!!

I’ll chime in also. Modman gave me a string to try from the General Yo meet and though I’ve only had a day to play with it, I like what I’ve experienced so far. It is slightly thinner than ammo string but keeps its shape and feel as ammo string does. It seems softer than kitty string, but doesn’t deteriorate as fast as SomeThing string (my usual favorite). I plan to PM the guy and order some more. :wink:

where can you get jackrabbits? I want a neon yellow :smiley:

his strings are great I tried one in a park at long beach and I liked them more than any string I have ever tried.I use long strings because I like to make up really interesting mounts so they were perfect.

Compared to expert string:Unknown string beats expert in every way.I used to only use expert string but after that I felt expert was a joke. :wink:

Compared to venom:venom string had a chance at becoming my favorite string by then the unknown string was old but I tried washing and it helped a bit I was using a pop star and again unknown won.

Overall this string is well priced great at whips and a AMAZING experience
I will need to buy some after the holidays!!!