Modman10's String Review

Modman sent me a few of his strings to test out and i’m just gonna give a few impressions about it.

He sent two different types (one Nylon/poly blend and two 100% poly)

Visibility: I’m not sure if these are colors that he plans on using but the strings were done in dark colors which I personally don’t like in a string. I suggest using only bright colors when sending to testers

String tension: The string tension on both strings are good and hold tension well.

Feel: Both strings were very soft, maybe a bit to soft. They slide across the fingers smoothly. They have bounce at the end of the string which I enjoy. I wish they were a bit heavier and had a more firm feel.

Slacks and whips: The string is very light and soft so it isn’t the best whipper but it whips as good as other strings. slacks are fine as well. Since the string is so soft and light there isn’t much control on the slack.

Length: The length are great and should be able to fit any person

Overall it is pretty good string and i enjoy it. In some brighter colors and a firmer feel I would really like them.

just another amuetuer string nothing to see here

Not sure what this is supposed to mean… amateurs can’t make good string? What makes a company a “professional” company? Putting a corporate name on it instead of using a username? If the review had said, “A new company called ‘Strings United’ sent me some test samples” would you have the same comment?

I’ve tried modman’s strings and I rather like them. They were consistent (same amount of twist and tension in each one), had a good feel, and are showing longevity.

Wow glad i did not pick you as a tester, by the way i do have a name for my strings.

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I think his strings are great, thank you very much.

This guy is just being a jealous troll!

a friend of mine is an amatuer string maker and his strings are great! they’re soft, tight, and hold suicides for soooo looonngg, there perfectly in the middle of every thing, and, I dont know who you are but you DO NOT REPRESENT THE YOYO COMMUNITY IN A WAY THAT REFLECTS THE FREE AND GIVING DEMEANOR OF THE PEOPLE WHO MAKE YOYO WHAT IT IS TODAY! this person does not deserve to be brushed off by trolls who think they are cool. he should be comended for reaching out. and he should be built up and given help so that he can improve his skills, if anything at all. >:( >:( >:(


sorry. i got really mad when i saw the post. I didn’t mean to make anyone sound the way my rant made them sound. I appologize

No problem.

I find this funny because this poster used to have an “amateur” string company, Psycho Strings.

Nice review. Can’t wait to try these strings.

These are modman10’s old strings.
The jack-rabbits are like a modified version of these.
The jack-rabbits are 5 times as good as these!!!
Modman10 does not sell these strings anymore.

Ahh, well I have 15 jackrabbits on the way so im stoked.