Modman's "Whipmasters" string review!

I bought Modman’s new poly/nylon string “whipmasters” and decided to do another review.

Yoyos used
MarkMont Next
STYY Remnant 2

First Impressions:
The string has a nice, soft feeling to them. They don’t have a bright color, which to some is a turn off, but i could care less about the color. They also look very well made. I have a positive outlook on how these will play.

On a throw:
This string can whip! It earns its name completely! I can pull off simple whips and slacks all the way to Pal Han lacerations with these. Along with the pros, though, there are cons. The string held tension decently. I would say as well as kitty string. To some its a pro, but i had a little higher expectations for the tension. This string also breaks in quickly. Due to its break-in time and tension; I would consider this a competition-ready string.

This string is well made, but could hold tension better. Still, it is definitely worth a buy. I would consider this an overall great string. Modman has a bright future making string!

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Thanks for the review, the strings come in all green now.

I have some as well, and I agree that they could hold tension better. But if you like the feel of Kitty String, but want a string that plays faster, this is what you want!