Hey I’m Mike and I have a modding business. I just wanted to get the word out. If you want your yoyo’s rims to be polished and look like raw metal, just give me a post back and we can talk things through.

You might want to put some samples of your work up.

Thanks I’m trying to do that. Do you know how to insert an image??

When you go to post there is a button with like a postcard on it that says insert image.Take your photo…open it and you take whatever you named it and copy and paste that in between the brackets ( [img img] )

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Talk to me for mor info

So do you have any pics to show your work?

Why only YYF yos?

You need to post pics, prices and if you polish or just sand out scratches. What other mods?

i dont know how to put pics up, i tried for like an hour. Not only yyf just mostly.

Honestly I don’t think anyone will give you their yoyo’s to fix if you have no credentials.

Your two threads were merged. No need for two of the same thing.

Also you might want to take a look at this. This list is where most people go to get their mod work done. Prove yourself and maybe you can be added to this list.,5371.0.html

here’s a sample

Seriously bro, you gotta be outstanding to be a popular modder to get some buisness going. Slowly work your way, constantly show your work, get some courage and cheers from audiences and you’ll get there.

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