Want your yoyo fixed?and parts needed

          Here we go I'll fix your yoyo in 2-3days.

                  This is what I fix on yoyos.
                     Axle strip repair-$5
                     Sand down dings-$3
                     Get rid of some vibe-$3
                     Fill in cracks on plastic yoyos-$3
                     Give your scratched up yoyo a smooth finish-$2
                 If you want pics of recent repaired here's my number

Also “everyone I’d like to say I’ll be repairing throws for people very soon. Right now I have limited exposure but will be able to produce results for you to see here in a short time. Look forward to working for you”.

I'm also on need of parts to use as we'll.if you would like to donate them to me,sell to me what ever.

Please contact me ASAP on here.

Do you do helicoil inserts?

Also being new to the forums do you have any references? Sorry I am just a little leery of sending my yoyo off to someone not established here in the community.

I’m not sure what helicoil inserts are but if you tell me what they are I will do them.and I have a guy sending his yoyo in a little so that’s all I have for now to prove.

http://www.helicoil.in this is a helicoil it’s a thread insert made of stainless steel and it creates and almost cool proof axle seat that would take something insane and Heman or the Hulk behind that something to string out the threads in the yoyo.

Why would it be needed to text for pictures?

You should be posting them here so potential customers can see your work. Not have to chase them down.

I have to say this whole thing makes me a little leery folks.


We’ve not seen eye to eye before and I hope to set those differences aside and so if Bob is saying this is fishy then my suspicions are right!

Thanks for confirming that for me Bob this seems way to out of the box to be something I’d trust my yoyo to.

I try to give the benefit of the doubt but after this popped up in the bst my eyebrow went up a bit.

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Will you shut up.i just wanted to start doing this again and you have to make it a big deal.

Then do it right friend. Don’t leave the cloud of uncertainty floating out there.

Do you honestly expect people to feel good about this?

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.


If u guys could wait a couple days I have a guy sending me 2 yoyos to get rethread

That sounds great. So in the meantime you should prep your thread accordingly.

“Hello everyone I’d like to say I’ll be repairing throws for people very soon. Right now I have limited exposure but will be able to produce results for you to see here in a short time. Look forward to working for you”.

Or something like that.

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I’m all about supporting the little guys (not the chain stores or big business brick and mortar guys) doing work and seeing them be successful, but as Bob said there are some things here that don’t add up you are requiring people to come to proof of work seems off right from the get to is poor form.

Start by showing your work here and sell it to us instead of making us come to you.

And find people you’ve done work for in the past (you say you want to start doing this again) and have them vouch for you and offer more credibility and legitimacy that will allow people to trust you and your work.

Also mention what method of payment you take and what sort of guarantee you offer if any on your work.

Also “shut up” Is a good rebuttal or defense to try and get people to want you to work for them.

Good luck and I hope you are able to gain trust and get work if you are honestly looking to offer a service, but as it stands I’ll trust my yoyos to someone more established.

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There is no reason to be rude. Snafu and mullicabob are making some good points in a polite manner. Forums have members of all ages and sometimes younger, inexperienced members, jump onto things like this a bit to quickly.

We’ll be glad to see the results of your work in the future as well as the feedback you recieve.


Thanks for the support guys!

Wow! What more could you ask for?

I’m anxious to see some of your work. :slight_smile:

*Very anxious.

If he used to do this I’m curious why he worded a few things wrong.

No biggy, one fix or two will change our opinions nasty or nice ;).