Modding by drill

Hi guys!
So I want to mod on a drill…
Thats all I have atm
I know how to recess on a drill but I want to learn how to do other stuff.
Also I really want to know how to reshape on a drill. I am not talking about
crazy reshape, I just want to flat the rim out.


What yoyo are you planning on doing this on?
You can do the following mods
-wipe caps
-satin (spiral or regular-whatever you choose)
-pad recess
-silicone recess
-Sticker lip removal (on certain yoyos)
-Make a recess for an SPR kit.
-reshape (you know lol)
-If its a YYJ you can shape the nub(s) to hold hubstacks.
-Polish (polishing compound)
-Shave down starburst

and, I just thought of this, but you can’t do it on a drill.
-reverse starburst (you would actually have to hand carve this one)

Sorry to jack the thread, but what is highwalling? I heaR about it a lot.


Thanks guys!
but what is schmoove, ghostring, and reverse starburst?
Also how would you do a reshape? You would do like you recess but on the yoyo body?

I made a micro lathe out of a drill. I can do wood modding on it, I can also design a throw with the tools I created that create symmetrical shapes.

Nope. Reshaping. Think about it. A different shape. For example:
A stock PGM.

A PGM reshaped to have flat rims.

If you highwall, doesn’t that increase the responce becasue of higher string contact also reduce the sleep time unless you have a perfect throw?

What do you use to make Schmoove rings?

The effect that a highwall on a yo-yo will have on spin time is negligible.

You can make schmoove rings with the same types of tools that would be used for recessing a yo-yo.